Sunday, June 19, 2005

Greetings from the land of edits

I'm knee deep in edits for my editor (I still get goosebumps saying that by the way). First stage, round 1, wasn't too bad. First stage, round 2 is going to hurt. But I know it's for the greater good of making the book stronger. So I'll be rolling up my sleeves later today and digging in.

I have found my new musical obssession. The previous one had been Paul Thorn (very talented musically and a great sense of humor). The other day, I was looking at my XM radio. It has it where you can set it to notify you whenever a particular song comes on. I realized four songs I'd set were by the same person. LOL so I went ahead and bought two of his albums.

Phil Vassar is a Virginian *g*, who writes a lot of his own music and plays the piano. I think he could put the phone book to music and I'd listen. Love his voice.

May the muses have chocolate


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