Thursday, June 16, 2005

Tag, you're it!

Mary Stella tagged me *gaspy face*. LOL

So the instructions for this tag are:

First, take #1 off this list, then add yourself as #5. You need to add the links to the other people's blogs, too.

1. Jax:


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...and then you choose unsuspecting victims...

1. Suzanne:

5 Things I Miss From My Childhood

1. My parents and my brother

2. Getting home from school, doing my homework at the dinner table, and telling my Mom about my day while she made supper. The important part wasn't the homework or the dinner but that we talked as she cooked. Something so usual, but was a vital part of my daily routine and a real bonding for Mother and daughter.

3. Riding bikes on the roads and going walking in the woods around our house with my Dad. My Dad worked a lot, never took vacations, and had to drive an hour to and from work so time was limited. A lot of my memories of him from early childhood center around those two activities. When I was five, we went over to the lake across from our house, walking in the woods. It was frozen over so we "ice skated." Well, I stepped on thin ice and fell in. Dad knew it was going to break when he reached for me, but it didn't and he fished me out. I hadn't made a noise. He asked why I didn't call out. I told him "because I knew you'd save me."

4. Going to my grandparent's. Nanny and Papa lived on a small farm. Loved the fields of veggies, the cows and pigs when they had them, chickens, and the horse farm next door where I often sat in the woods and watched the horses through the fence. My grandmother had album after album of pictures and noteworthy things about her children, their children, and everyone in the family. Loved to go back in her room, take them out of her cedar chest and look at them. Also, she had romance novels, LOL, which I would go read. The entire family would often get together on Sundays there. Could be loads of people and tons of fun.

5. The dogs we had. Big George was a big burly German Sheppard mix who was a frightening dog, but always let me do anything to him, even ride him. Goofy, who *I* didn't name, the solid black dog who could jump straight up in the air and once tracked a...cow with my brother LOL.

May the muses run free


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