Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm dashing in

I know I got a little behind on posting here. *takes a big breath* What a week!

First of all, the edits are going really well to "Blood Kiss". Everything I'm doing makes sense. I sent some back today. I'm getting even more excited than I already was. Each new happening brings me that much closer to P Day.

And, the new project that I've been concentrating heavily on, working title "Conduit," has been going well. I'm over fifty pages, I know where it is going. And while I'm writing it, I have the next vampire book talking too. I think this series will be four if not five books (I hope!).

Now I'm going to do something I won't usually do here. But I co-write with another author under the pseudonym Melany Logen (www.melanylogen.com). We've had a lot of fun completing our first futuristic erotic romance novel, the first in a series.

We entered the JERR/Ellora's Cave Erotic Pen writing contest. Honestly, I didn't expect anything from it. It was free to enter, I figured there would be tons of entries, but thought it would be great to get back feedback from the judges.

So last Tuesday, we get our scores back. We did extremely well!! Lot's of high scores, 9's and 10's, and lots of positive comments. We appreciated all the judges' input. However on Wednesday morning...Ellora's Cave asked us to submit the full manuscript because of our high scores!!

It also meant instant panic. We needed to do one last grammar check before we send it off. So I have been in editingland for the past week, working on "Blood Kiss" and also firming up grammar in "Torc's Salvation."

It's been quite a week and usually when I have the "I am author hear me roar" days, I have a "bring down to earth moment," and that hasn't happened yet.

Other things have been going on too.

The youngest kidlet now does flips under water and can retrieve stuff from the bottom. She's in swim lessons, loving it. The oldest has written another book, is still putting her head under the water, and starts swim lessons next week.

We pretty much live at the YMCA this month.

I have also been trying to exercise. It's only been a couple of weeks. But I'm proud of myself for sticking with it this long. The treadmill has become my nemesis. They have fitpoints you can earn for logging in your exercise. My goal is to get "something." Course you have to have mucho points to do it. So it will be a while. I'll keep you updated.

And I won a copy of The Honeymoon Man, from Suzanne McMinn. She also sent me a few promo materials. (http://www.suzannemcminn.com/blog/)

I won a copy of Water Crystal at Writerspace by Anya Bast (http://www.anyabast.com). I never win anything!!! Made me very happy.

Now I just have to find some time to read them *grins*.

I did finish "Sins of the Night" by Sherrilyn Kenyon (www.sherrilynkenyon.com). GREAT book. Lots of action, humor, and sexy scenes. I'm looking forward to the next one in her Darkhunter series.

May the muses have chocolate


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mechele, CONGRATS on the edits and the EC request!!!

2:40 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

GO GIRLIE!! I want you to know how much I appreciate your step by step thing, one day (crosses fingers) when I get pub'd I know your experiences will help me too. (hands HER a cookie)

7:29 PM  
Blogger Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Mechele, so wonderful about the contest, and the request!! Congrats to you and your partner. I love to read exciting posts like yours. Good luck with everything!

10:32 AM  
Blogger Mary Stella said...

Terrific progress, Mechele!

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on EC requesting the full ms and for those incredibly high scores. AWESOME!!! Good luck!

1:28 PM  

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