Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It's all about the perception

Life is all about perceptions.

My oldest, who is finally learning to swim, is most comfortable in three feet of water. It's where she can stand up. She doesn't like to be in water over her head. Nothing can convince her what she can do in three foot, she can do in five foot.

The youngest, who started swimming last summer, has always been in water over her head, except for brief stints in the wading pool last year when Mommy got tired of heart attacks from her in the big pool. Five foot doesn't bother her at all because she knows what she can do in three foot, she can do in five.

The water isn't any different. But they perceive it very differently.

It has been hot here, with heat advisories the past three days. We didn't have one today, it only got up to 95 *blinks* and the humidity was down slightly. It's been sweltering. I've been loving the air conditioning.

However, I remember days in the past where it was just as hot with heat advisories and warnings and high humidity. I grew up without air conditioning in my house. Yes, my parents got an a/c unit after I left home. LOL I shook my head at them. My school system didn't get central air until I was in high school for all its schools. Yes, there was one low ninety degree day where the boiler came on at the elderly high school, and no one could get it off. The third floor classrooms felt like saunas. So I know that I did without air conditioning once upon a time.

The heat this particularly bad summer hasn't changed from what it was in bad summers past. But my perception has changed, I'm used to air conditioning now.

Everyone has heard for every incident and argument there are three sides. My side, your side, and the truth. And the sides are colored by what we perceive of the situation.

We go through life viewing it by our perceptions, be they good or bad.

Ha ha!! Up to 85 pages. Whooo hooo!!
And I did more time on the tread mill today than I ever have. I'm trying to exercise four days a week. It's been three weeks. Of course, today I logged in to enter my workout. I put in 94 miles instead of .94 and accidentally saved it. *blinks* LOL I have to get that fixed.

May the muses have fans


Blogger Jenn said...

Yes, I have hit a snag on my stuff. I am not an outline person, I don't plot it out on paper, what will happen in my stories. I just let it flow, I hope its not sucky LOL.

As for the heat, maybe it melted my frelling brain or something pffth stupid thing heat is.

11:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the perceptions thoughts. So true ... Sure my ms is only half undone, with deadline looming. But my editor would see it as half done. LOL ...

10:44 AM  
Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

Jenn, I don't outline either. I know usually where I'm going but I sometimes find the journey there isn't as straight as I thought it was.

Jill, LOL see perceptions?
And very true. I'll send happy writing vibes.

12:50 PM  

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