Monday, October 10, 2005

R&R in New Jersey--part 2 A little learning

Friday I missed all the seminars *sniffles*. And they spelled my name wrong on my badge.

But on my badge it had, "Published Author." Can we say a little thrilled by that?

I found my roomies, Maureen and her friend, Gina. Had dinner with them and we hung out a bit together. Also after the awards dinner and desert, we spent some time with Mary Stella and Beth Ciotta. Had a blast, didn't want to go to bed, but the time came.

I'm going to gush about the hotel room. It was gorgeous! The bathroom was about twice the size of mine. It was a suite and the rooms were huge. Saturday night I got a King size bed all to myself. *dreamy sigh*

Saturday morning, my roomies and I rolled out of bed to head down for a 7:15 breakfast. Mary Jo Putney was the keynote speaker at breakfast. I enjoyed her talk. She said, "Writing isn't fun," but that it was something we should enjoy and take pride in.

I won a basket at breakfast *snoopy dances*. It had a book by Tina St. John, bath salts and gel, candles, and soap. Smells very very nice.

My first seminar was on proposals by Ann Lawrence. I learned a few things on submitting to contests and to publishers like making the submission end with a hook.

My second seminar was "Adding steam to your love scenes" with Patrice Michelle. I got some things out of it and enjoyed it immensely. Met a Passionate Ink member, Stacey Iglesias and enjoyed talking to her for a few minutes.

Third seminar was the 2nd part of Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Promotion outside the box." Sherri is a promotion diva in my book. What she's done with the Dark-Hunters is phenomenal. Plus, she is the Author Goddess. Learned a few things about doing promotions. I adore her. She's so sweet and talented. Got big hugs from her. And a signed poster of the cover of Sword of Darkness, her book coming out in Spring of 2006. *cough* read her,

We had lunch (a very good one) and listened to Lisa Kleypas talk. Enjoyed her too. She was very inspiring. Trashy novels writer and all LOL.

The after lunch seminar I took was Christina Skye's "Creating the unforgettable love scene." Ended up going to both parts. It was good. I learned a bit on plotting, not only about love scenes but in general.

Yes, you probably did notice a trend in my seminars. I want steamy unforgettable sex scenes in my writing so am working to learn all I can. I'm taking a class this month by Angela Knight too on writing erotic romance.

Tomorrow (I hope), the book fair and hanging out with Sherrilyn Kenyon

May the muses have big AG hugs


Blogger FeyRhi said...

So far sounds like a grea weekend. and you got to hang with Mary and the AG. *sigh* Sounds like a massive dose of inspiration in the making.
I really like your choices in seminars, smut smut yummy smut ;o)
Angela Knight's book are on my permanent, never to be loaned out, shelf.

9:12 PM  
Blogger Melissa Lopez said...

((((((((((((Mechele))))))))))) So glad you had a wonderful time and learned good stuff to share with me!

*Sniffle* SO glad the room was gorgeous! *Wails* I missed it and all you girls!

:-) Mels

11:40 PM  
Blogger Lauren Dane said...

How fun! I met Sherrilyn at a conference this last summer and yes, she is a truly nice woman.

4:47 PM  

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