Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Red Alert

Or actually Comic Alert. I have found the neastest thing!

I love the comics. Always have.

"For Better or For Worse" has been an addiction since I was a preteen. Up until a few years ago, I went and bought every collection when it came out. I have one signed by Lynn Johnston. I also have a signed print of one of my favorite strips of hers that I framed and it hangs in my kitchen.

"Baby Blues," "Fox Trot," "Calvin and Hobbes," and "The Far Side" all have collections on my book shelves.

When my second child was born, she was a bit needy and as I tried to launch my writing career, the newspaper fell by the wayside in the priority list. I didn't feel right getting the newspaper for the comics so I stopped it. I've never started it back because I would still only read the comics LOL.

I knew they had strips online, but never went and looked at them each and every day.

So I was checking out "For Better or For Worse" recently...they had an RSS feed!! I have an RSS reader that downloads new blog entries. So now I get FBOFW delivered to it daily.

And in searching for other strips with RSS feeds, I found this site:

Ha ha! I now get my favorite strips delivered to my RSS reader daily so can check them out. I'm so happy and excited!! LOL I need to go get the FBOFW strips that I missed during my hiatus of reading it.

May the muses have rainbow days


Blogger Mary Stella said...

I love that the kids are growing up on For Better or Worse and that the parents deal with aging, too. They're a real family and issues change. People don't stay young forever! (Yeesh. I think I remember when April was born!)

10:10 PM  
Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

I love that FBOFW isn't static. And they've dealt with some real life issues. LOL I remember when April was born. I have that collection *blinks*.

7:40 AM  

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