Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A little good news, a little new look

You might notice a little revamping *snickers* to the blog links. I'm tinkering with it still.


I co-write under the name Melany Logen. And we just sold our first book to Ellora's Cave! I'm snoopy dancing and excited. It's a futuristic erotic romance called TORC'S SALVATION. Happy happy joy joy. I won't cross post too much but I can't hold this in! We're working on the next in the series. http://www.melanylogen.com

I also finally broke through some small writer's block yesterday on CRIMSON'S ROSE. Wrote ten pages and feel good about it. I'm in the home stretch!!! There's really not much to go to write the end. Just have to get there.

May the muses have good news to share.


Blogger Lauren Dane said...

Congratulations and welcome!

10:01 PM  

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