Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Anyone else like it? I do.

I was just listening to the story about the miners in West Virginia. My heart goes out to all the families. And I'm praying for recovery of the one man left alive.

We went to see Narnia last week. It was very good, even the four year old sat for most of it. This led me to invest in the books by CS Lewis. I've never read them, but I'm going to before or as the kids do. I read the first chapter of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" outloud to the girls yesterday. They liked, and the six year old has been reading ahead on her own. I think some of the words go over her head, but she is enjoying it.

LOL she reads like I do. The outside world goes away, and you're inside the book. Getting her attention while she's reading is nearly impossible.

I've jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon and am reading the first book. I like it. I've been waiting for my oldest to be able to read books and be able to talk about them with her so figure I need to read some other children's books. She's getting to the age where she'll read more and more. I can't wait!!

Well I have a brag. Yesterday, the four year old did flashcards of all her letters and got them all. *blinks* four months ago she knew the letter M and a couple of others. I'm so proud of her. The big kicker for her...she wants to read like her big sister. I think she's going to be ready for kindergarden in the fall!!

I'm still stunned at my first co-written story getting contracted. Been snoopy dancing a lot.

I'm also having some neat moments. Nothing is better than opening up an email and seeing "I just read your book and loved it." And having people who I don't know, who don't have to like it LOL, call themselves a fan.

Crimson's Rose is at 200 pages. I'm sooooo close to the end. I'm going to cut myself off the next few nights and try to finish it. I love Crimson and Rojo. They are a neat couple.

May the muses have good books


Blogger Karen said...

One of my earliest book memories is of the Narnia books. I also loved the L. Frank Baum series - all of the 'other' Wizard of Oz books. And Harry Potter rocks, that is one hell of a series. Hope you and the girlies like!

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*grin* since I know you have read Corrie... You know I love the Chronicles of Narnia... Read the Magician's Nephew, it's book one. Not movie material but it will explain about the lamp-post and the reason why the wardrobe was a gateway to Narnia. My kids are reading them too, which means I'm re-reading them for the unknownth time.

Harry Potter rocks! YAY onthe flash card *eyes my four year old who is fond of the letter M too.*

If you're looking for a good young reader series and you haven't yet, try the Magic Tree House and The Boxcar Children...also the Bailey School Kids-they have titles like Genies Dont Ride Bicycles, Big foot doesn't square dance, Vikings Don't Wear Wrestling Belts... and one series i liked that my son read The Secrets of Droon.

And one my neice got me to read (shes in Jr high) Redwall by Brian Jacques... and Inkwell...(gonna be a movie soon)

Why do i know all these? well cause i packed them all in boxes this afternoon, need to keep them safe for the four year old to enjoy. Hopefully she will enjoy reading. My sons take after dad and only read when they have to.

and I am an honest person i read your book cause you were my friend but I would have told you if i didnt like it... I loved it and am waiting for Conduit. I'm a fan because of your talent. but I know you must be snoopy dancing to hear it from someone you dont know. *Muah and snoopy dance for you*

yes i have rambled on enough ...almost as long as the blog entry i think *g*

The miners and their families are in my prayers too. very sad

Mo- whose muse must be off reading somewhere

10:16 PM  
Blogger Mary Stella said...

I saw Narnia while on vacation and absolutely LOVED the movie. Enjoy the books.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

I'm loving Narnia, I've read on to finish that one and one more. I finished HP and definitely want to read the rest, have to travel to the library.

Karen, I have a friend who loves The Wizard of Oz movie. But has never read the books LOL.

Maureen, LOL yes I've read Corrie. *grins about Aslan*. I did read the Magician's Nephew. It explains a lot. Thank you for the suggestions. Yes, I'm definitely looking for suggestions. I hope they both love to read. Hee hee, it means a lot when anyone tells me they are a fan. I beam, I snoopy dance... It's just neat to have people who don't have to love me say it LOL. And love your rambling.

Mary, we went to see it again with my sister. I think I liked it even more the second time.

11:32 PM  

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