Sunday, January 08, 2006


So yesterday, I decided to download the pictures from the digital camera. Somehow, I volunteered to be the picture taker for the yearbook in my oldest's first grade classroom. I had a bunch of pictures already downloaded and some I needed to download before putting them all on a CD to deliver to school to the yearbook person.

It started off well enough, I found the little card that the memory card from the camera fits into and got them together. I was jazzed I figured this out on my own. I even found the CD that the first round of pictures was on, though it included some family pictures too that I had copied too.

I thought, "I'll be done with this in five minutes, maybe the kidlets will let me write this afternoon."

I won't bore you with details but it was a long adventure of mishaps. It got to the point where I was determined to walk away victorious. I could have waited for the hubby to come home from work and help me. *sigh* It would have taken him all of five minutes I bet.

May the muses use technology wisely


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