Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Contest and Loose Id news

Check out the Romance Junkies contest page. Melany Logen and I are running a contest!

From Loose Id:

In honor of Loowis and Loosey, we’re throwing a five day sale event, beginning right now and lasting through Sunday February 19th at midnight. You’ll get 5% off every ebook title you purchase for five days, automatically.

There’s just one catch, and isn’t there always with a babe like Loosey? Wouldn’t you know she’s a bit particular. For some reason, she wants all of Loowis’s friends to sign her guest book. Why? We didn’t ask. She loves our Loowis, and if she wants to be a little finicky, we’re of a mind to indulge her.

They are moving to a new site, Everything should work the same way. So go take advantage of the sale!

May the muses have sales and contests


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