Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Something I never think about

How do they get all that handy dandy jet fuel to airports?

I now know the answer for at least around here. A pipeline. And apparently it runs right through the county I live in. How do I know this? Because it somehow busted on Monday.

I happened to look at the local TV station yesterday and read the story. I looked at the pictures and said, "I know that place!" I go through there three days a week on my way to and from preschool.

The pipe carries about 116,000 gallons a day of various "stuff." It's a major throughfare of the Southeast, coming out of Greensboro, North Carolina and running to DC. Apparently, jet fuel shot out thirty feet into the air before it was contained. They are now working to clean it up, getting it out of the soil and small creek that it ran into.

The subdivision where it broke, is a high end one. Now that the shock is wearing off, the people are very concerned as to what this will do to their neighborhood.

I drove through there today to the bustling scene of people working. And the very strong smell of gasoline. It was overpowering.

It made me think of the things I do take for granted. Like how they get jet fuel to airplanes.

May the muses have hugs


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