Monday, July 31, 2006

A purr and a hisssss

Well, we did it. We adopted a second cat. I'm now in nail biting land as to whether this kitty will work out with the first cat and also in our little family. I'm hopeful but we're all being tested here.

I didn't do much writingwise this weekend. Watched some episodes of "Brisco County Junior" with the DH. I loved that show when it was on Fox a few years ago. I also read the 6th Stephanie Plum. I came very close to buying book 9 as it was at the bookstore on sale but was good *sigh* and put it back. I'm also reading "Girls Just want to have fun" by Barbara Karmazin. It's good erotic sci-fi. And boy, howdy is it ever erotic LOL. Has a lot of action, too.

I did read Michelle Hasker's Midnight Rendezvous about a week ago. It was a pretty good vampire tale, with a lot of suspense.

Edits came back on "Dinah's Dark Desire" and I managed to get those back today. I was happy there weren't any serious rewrites. Commas are still not my friends *sigh*. I'm working on some Melany edits as well. Hopefully, will get those back soon.

The other day when I signed into Yahoo, there was an article on the RWA convention. I agree with some of it, but do think romance is filled with heated passion and forever should be.

May the muses have commas where they should be


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww welcome to the new kitty! did you choose a name yet? I had two cats and a dog for pets most of my life. Can't wait for the house to be done to do it again.

They do get used to each other eventually. Don't force them. fights are just establishing the hierarchy then they will settle down.

4:33 PM  
Blogger FD said...

Yeah, what did you name the kitty?

Brisco was so much fun. :D

8:22 AM  
Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

She came with a name. Punkin. She's young enough, we may change it if we keep her. She spent four days very lethargic under my bed. So it very much worried me. She's a bit more active now. So we'll see. there seems to be a stand off between both kitties.


10:15 AM  

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