Monday, August 28, 2006

Animal attraction

I've been watching Animal Planet.  *blinks* Yes, I've been staying up late watching animal cops (Phoenix quite a bit) shows and Meerkat Manor.

I just started watching Meerkat Manor and the first season ended. *sigh* now I have to wait until September to find out what happened to Shakespeare, who disappeared during the finale.  They are just so darn cute.  And it's like a little soap opera with non-dominant females sneaking off for trysts, splinter groups, and wars with other families.

The animal cops shows are some of my favorites.  The cases don't always turn out happy but they do tend to spotlight the ones where there's a good resolution.  I've always been one who roots for the underdog, and that's who the animal cops protect.

I'm thinking this is research and will end up in a story somewhere.

Last night, I watched Hurricane Rescues.  So many unhappy stories came out of Katrina, it was nice to see some happy ones. Of course, I cried like crazy during most of the reunions.

You know, one of the many things (and I do mean many) that has haunted me since Katrina, on CNN there was a live shot of people getting into boats when New Orleans flooded.  A man had his white dog, a beautiful big one, I think at least least part German Shepherd.  He wasn't going to be allowed to bring the dog in the boat and didn't want to leave her. I never saw the resolution.  To this day, I wonder what happened to the man, who was almost in tears about leaving his dog behind, and what happened to the dog.

May the muses have animal attraction



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember; that was so heart-breaking :(

I used to watch Animal Planet, but we can't get that network with our new cable line-up so I've not seen the new show. I always liked that one where animals did crazy things (can't recall the name!). It was like AFHV but with just animals and anyone who sent in a clip that was used got a tee-shirt. Very cute and the kids loved it!

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