Thursday, August 31, 2006

Preparations for an univited guest

The remnants of Hurricane Ernesto are probably headed my way.

The biggest problem I think in store for us is lots of rain. We need it desperately, we had been on voluntary water restrictions. And usually when that happens we get the remnants of a tropical system to bring us out of it. Gaston did that a couple of years ago.

It hit me this morning that we might lose power (thank you DH!) so I'm doing a little preparation for that possibility.

Just in case I do get knocked offline, hope everyone has a Happy Labor Day weekend!!

May the muses have rainy days


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Batten down the hatches! stock up on the DDP, Reeses and Chocolate, the necessities of life! Maybe some batteries and candles too *g*

Hugs and stay dry or have a blast getting wet.
*slaps hand over mouth*

9:10 PM  

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