Thursday, August 10, 2006

Save the Quiet Kitty

Authors banding together to help each other. I think it's wonderful. My understanding is that it will be used to help any authors in need. I know that after Katrina, there was an outpouring of support of support for those affected. The author community is a neat one.

Camille Anthony is the author of Tales of the Quiet Kitty Series, Women of Steel Series, Rb’Qarm Royal’s Series, Werewulf Journals Series, and A.O.E.M. (Agency of Extraordinary Mates) Series. Camille has come on hard times due to serious illness and lack of health care insurance. Camille was diagnosed in 1989 with Pulmonary Sarcoidosis, caused by exposure to asbestos while an employee of the State of California. Camille is now a full time author with no health insurance. She's in stage four of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis and can't get health insurance because of this pre-existing condition. Camille has been hospitalized several times in the last 9 months, and her illness has progressed to the point that she requires oxygen around the clock. Oxygen and hospital bills, as well as other medical expenses, are long term needs. The irony is, Camille makes just enough residual income from her writing to keep her from being eligible for Medicaid. Since Medicaid turned her down, the medical equipment company now wants their equipment back. Because of Camille's present situation...and because uninsured medical expenses are often a fact of life for authors and others who are self-employed...a nonprofit association, Help the Quiet Kitty, has been set up to accept and disburse donations. We hope to raise enough money, with your support, to not only cover Camille's current medical expenses, but to help other authors in crisis.

What can you do? There are several ways you can help. Go to to make an immediate cash donation through PayPal or checks can be made to the address on the site. To donate medical equipment or supplies, or if you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please email Save The Quiet Kitty Fund by clicking on the picture below.

May the muses have community


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mechele, I knew Camille was ill, but did not know the nature of it.

Thanks for the info.
Also posting a link.

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