Saturday, September 23, 2006

A surprise

And thankfully a NICE one.

I knew about JERR's review of Dinah's Dark Desire but found out about two other ones this morning.

A TCM reviewer, Jasmina Vallombrosa, said, "I really enjoyed this book as Mr. Armstrong more than proves her storytelling abilities. The plot was as intriguing as it was entertaining. The relationships between the characters were dynamic and fulfilling. The sexual tension stayed at a deliciously high level with true feelings and love lingering in the background. My favorite aspect was the self-realization of Dinah, who in her search for her true happiness finds within herself the courage to put those old voices to rest."


Dinah's Dark Desire was selected as a Joyfully Recommended book! Jo said, "Ms. Armstrong has given us more than just a ménage story, although the sex is very, very hot; she has given us a satisfying and fulfilling story about three people who are good friends and how they came together as lovers. Dinah’s Dark Desire is a story I highly recommend for anyone who loves a good romance."

I'm so thrilled people are enjoying Dinah's journey.

And we won at soccer today, too!

May the muses have journeys


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Congrats on the great reviews!

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