Friday, October 13, 2006

Dinner and a show

I know I missed posting yesterday. Thursdays are a really busy day for me.

Now…we left the conference on Saturday right after the booksigning. And went to Medieval Times. I'd never been to one. It was awesome!

It looks like a castle from the outside. You go in and are given a crown with the color of the knight you are to cheer for. The seats are like in a auditorium with a shelf in front of you looking down on a dirt arena in the center.

There was a story with knights, jousts, fights, horses doing dancing steps.

They serve the meal while all this is going on. And you eat like it's the Medieval period. No utensils. Had to drink soup from a bowl, and eat chicken, a sparerib, potato, bread, and a pastry with your hands. My children would have loved it! LOL

Our Yellow knight was knocked out early, but it was a lot of fun cheering for other knights

Tomorrow...New York City!

May the muses have knights


Blogger Melissa Lopez said...

OMG…I loved Medieval Knights, too! The mystery of what we were actually eating. The blood thirsty chanting! The hunky men on horses! I’m so glad Mo took us there. She was such a fabulous hostess!

And hey, it was said, we had dinner with Lisa Marie Presley!

How cool it that?


2:38 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

OK OK yes i fell for the green knight. what can i say i have such a weakness for those misunderstood bad boys.I wanna save them all! The black and white knight was a hottie too and actually had more of the attitude you gotta dreamy sigh over. But dagnabit he was a priest! Although i am pretty sure the celebacy thing was even more lax than it is today *g*


8:50 PM  

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