Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I do live

if there were any doubts.

I had a blast at the conference, the booksigning, and NYC. Maureen was a super host and I had fun with both her and Melissa.

I'll post on it all week sharing some stories. LOL some I won't share *Grins*.

When we were driving home yesterday from the airport, we could see Richmond's downtown. The DH looked at me and said, "They look like babies now, don't they?" LOL they really did. I'm just in awe of the huge skyscrapers in Manhattan and around New York City.

I do have to share. Right before I left, I found out...Dinah's Dark Desire was selected as a Recommended Read by Fallen Angel Reviews! Michelle (gotta love that name) said, "The relationship dynamics are fantastic here, the sensual scenes are ooh-la-la amazing, and the addition of two of the trio’s exes (and a splash of danger) to the mix just added another mantle of plot to this tale. I’ve also got this inexplicable and incredibly wicked craving for some chocolate-covered strawberries – to understand why, read Dinah’s Dark Desire! Five Angels and a Recommended Read!" http://www.fallenangelreviews.com/2006/September/Michelle-DinahsDarkDesire.htm

May the muses have good times to share


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