Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm baaack

I have plenty of stories to share from New Orleans. I had a great time.

I developed a killer cold at the start of my trip, was in danger of losing my voice for most of it. Didn't stop me from having oodles of fun, but I'm dragging butt now that I'm home. Not to mention I didn't sleep so well. So stories later.

I did want to give *muahs* to all the people I met and saw again. Paula and her sister, Eija, Solvara and her hubby, Melissa, Nippsy!, Jenn (I will now see your expressions going along with your emails and hear your voice LOL), Nee, Meme, Kareinne, Mama Lo, Wen, Kay, Sara, Dona, Cee, Tink, Cy, Ange, Liria, Sherri, Janet, Star, Vic, Pantera, Cidney, Merelda, KatyZ (still sucking up *grins*). Did I mention Paula and Eija? *Grins* I got to meet the Finnish Vixen times two!

And special *muahs* to Maureen (aka Mari) and her hubby for going back to Bourbon Street and bar hopping with Melissa and me on Sunday night even though I probably didn't stay out as late as you guys wanted. It was so much fun. Spending time with you again was a boon of my trip.

May the muses laisser le bon roulement de périodes


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