Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Legacies and Spells

Solstice Spell is out!!

I'm so excited. *grins* Rupe and Gill were a joy to write. Nothing like a squee before Christmas. And I'll have another squee later in the week...

I've been scanning family pictures. It's amazing how many treasures I found, which aren't worth anything to anyone else, but are priceless to me. I found pictures of my maternal grandmother and three of her brothers. A picture from 1909 of my paternal grandmother as a baby and her father. It's really a slide of some kind, really heavy. A picture of my Dad, who hated having pictures taken so there are few of them, with my maternal grandmother. I've been like a kid at Christmas as I scan. My hubby is trying to create a huge photo library of both of families.

May the muses have legacies


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Congrats, doll!

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