Saturday, January 06, 2007

The book cop?

I mentioned I was rereading Blubber by Judy Blume? I finished it and decided it's probably a bit much for the 7 year old. The suggested reading age is 9-12. I've already told her I read it, and I think she needs to be older to tackle the topics in it.

I feel sort of bad doing that. My mother never really policed what I read. I don't intend to censor what she reads constantly. But I know she's not ready for say, Stephen King yet either. In a year or two, she'll be ready to tackle the subjects introed in Blubber.

However, I did enjoy my walk down memory lane with Blubber. I remember reading it.

LOL and now I'm reading Dearly Devoted Dexter. Somehow the contrast of reading the two books back to back makes me chuckle. I'm easily amused.

May the muses have chuckles


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