Friday, January 05, 2007

Judy Blume

The oldest kidlet has started reading some books by Judy Blume. I read a LOT of her books when I was younger, so I had already acquired Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing in anticipation of the kidlet reading. The kidlet loved Tales and wound up reading all the other books about Peter Hatcher, his brother, Fudge, and the rest of the family. We read chapters aloud sometimes at night, and we all wind up snickering at the antics.

Yesterday, I picked up Blubber for the kidlet. I started thumbing through it. I remember enjoying it, but I know some of Blume's books, the 7 year old probably should be a little bit older for. I got caught up in rereading it and read the first two chapters.

I'm amazed at Blume's storytelling capibilities. She does humor, she does drama, and she does characters so very well. It's been a nice rediscovery.

Have I mentioned, I LOVE THE KIDLETS READING??!!

May the muses have author heroes


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