Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Collector's Contest

Check out the Contest information at and answer the questions listed there to be entered in a drawing to win:Prizes include:

Scarves and massage oils offered by Mechele Armstrong (The Collector: Magical Chances)

A miniature perfume flacon offered by Jeanne Barrack (The Collector: The Crystal Flacon)

Handmade beadwork earrings offered by A.J. Matthews (The Collector: Cauldron)

A pair of sterling silver octopus earrings offered Ally Blue (The Collector: Eight Arms to Hold You)

"Pirate Booty" offered by Lucynda Storey (The Collector: This Time Forever)

Original music playlist soundtrack offered by Diane Charles Linford (The Collector: The Onyx Palace (working title)

And much more!!!

Mail your answers to by March 31st

The Collector series - a journey to magic and romance
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