Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Why's --Mechele Armstrong

1. Why does the unmatched sock go missing whenever I find its mate?
2. Why, whenever I give blood, do I have to get poked in both arms?
3. Why is playing Viva Pinata so much more fun than cleaning house?
4. Why doesn't my dog put her paw on the cat's head when Arwen is being nasty (Zoey is three times Arwen's size)?
5. Why, just when you think everything is nailed down about something, a board flies off?
6. Why can't chocolate be calorie free?
7. Why are baby chicks so cute? (We have thirteen of them at my kid's school!)
8. Why can an eight year old read an entire chapter book but can't hit the hamper with dirty laundry?
9. Why can't a grown man, who can make computers do anything, hit the hamper either?
10. Why can't my five year old hear me unless I say ice cream?
11. Why does it keep getting cool just when I think spring is here and the jungle in the kitchen can move outside?
12. Why does my cat get so cranky? *shows bite marks*
13. Why did they cancel Drive *sigh*?

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