Monday, July 30, 2007

Hallowed Ground ROCKS

I blogged the other day about reading Hallowed Ground, loving it, and how much I enjoyed Blood Ties, the first book in the series by Lori G. Armstrong. I finished Hallowed Ground last night after not being able to put it down. I had to know what happened.

To me, Julie Collins is a cross between Anita Blake and Stephanie Plum. I love her voice. It's well done first person, and I don't want to leave Julie at the end of the book. She's troubled, irreverent, makes mistakes, and can be funny as heck.

Kevin, her best friend and partner, didn't have a big role in this one but the chemistry is there between the two. I like Kevin *G*.

But then, there is Martinez. OMG. He leaped off the page, grabbed me around the neck and made me adore him in this book, even though I *know* he's a bad boy. You can cut the sensual tension with a knife between Julie and Martinez.

Armstrong did what few authors can do. She surprised me in quite a few places with actions the characters took.

For me, Julie was rescued one too many times, but the storyline, characters, and voice more than made up for any flaws.

I suggest, run out get Blood Ties and Hallowed Ground by Lori Armstrong. Before November when the third, Shallow Grave, is being released. I myself can't wait until November.



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