Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen serieses my daughter is reading by Mechele Armstrong

1. Secrets of Droon--She's caught up and desperatly wants the next one to come out. She loves these books!

2. Animorphs--She's in the 30's with a bunch still to go. Very disappointed that she missed the TV show. Got all excited that a book mentions it as being on until I reminded her the book came out before she was born.

3. Fudge--LOL Gotta love Fudge. She's read the four along with Shiela The Great. At night when reading to her, my hubby loves for her to choose these. He cracks up as he's reading

4. Nancy Drew--Grandma gave her the first two. She rather liked them and is on the look out for more.

5. Wild at Heart--She's read all 12. Not sure if there will be more or not. They are about a veterinary clinic and a group of children. They've had cats, greyhounds, puppy mills, manatees as the central theme of a book.

6. Enclopedia Brown--I didn't know if she'd like it or not but she loves these. I think because they are so logical. Amazing how they were written in the 60's but still resonate today.

7. Boxcar Children--another mystery series featuring kids. I don't know a lot about these but she started them at school in her free time.

8. Magic Treehouse/Merlin--She devoured these mainly at school. She's read all but a few of the Merlin series. She loves telling me things about what's featured, like the Shakespeare one.

9. The Three Investigators--yes, I pushed this one. LOL I loved the Three Investigators when I was a kid. More so than Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys.

10. The Dragon Slayers academy--She just started them. She seems to like the humor and the magic in them.

11. Harry Potter--She's read the first two. I think she'll probably read the third sometime soon. All the Harry Potter signs about the movie and the new book coming are making her curious. I've debated when she should read them because the later books are very long (Goblet of Fire is so long it's heavy) and intricate. I don't want her to miss things.

12. Kate Kazoo--This is a switcheroo series. She likes the humor. Katie turned into a boy in one of them LOL.

The serieses I can't wait for her to start:

13. Wrinkle in Time and The Black Stallion. I don't how she'll like the Black Stallion but I know she'll love Wrinkle in time. She's very much into paranormal worlds. Wrinkle in Time is such an influence. Can't wait to talk to her about the story.

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