Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Grand Tour

Join the Authors of the Collector Series on their The Grand Tour:

First stop -- Italy and Second Stop on Monday - The Mississippi Gulf Coast

In The Collector 5: The Crystal Flacon, author Jeanne Barrack took us to Italy in the past and present Journey to http://jeanneworldsnewsletter.blogspot.com/ and answer the question given on the GRAND TOUR Stop #1 posting

Answer the question at each place you visit on the Grand Tour to be entered into the GRAND PRIZE drawing! Send each of your answers to: collectors.contest @ inbox.com (no spaces)by Midnight August 31st to be placed in a drawing to win a collection of *souvenirs* from gift certificates to downloads of books! Check Jeanne's posting on her BLOG to find out the next stop on the Grand Tour!(each stop will be available until August 31st for a return trip if you miss the connection)

The Collector Series - A journey to magic and romanceRead about all the Collector authors at http://www.collector-series.com


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