Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It is very hard to write sex scenes

with a kidlet in the room with you. Just takes something away from it. I've only managed about 200 words so far today *sigh*. Hopefully will get more done soon.

Nothing to Lose:

Check out an interview and excerpt from Settler's Mine: The Rivals here at Stifled Squeal. Had a lot of fun doing it and her blog has a lot of great interviews and excepts so read on after you read mine *G. Thanks so much to Raeshylle for doing this.

We are at post 9 days tonsillectomy of the youngest. Grumpies are go! We've watched way too many movies, episodes of Kim Possible, and have spent way too much time together in the house looking at each other. LOL they now can't wait until schools starts.

May the muses have interviews!


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