Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (A little early)

13 things I’m looking forward to about my NJ/NY trip--Mechele Armstrong

1. Seeing Mari of Marissa Alwin! I can’t wait to pal around with her. Slumber party hooooo!
2. Seeing her family. I’ve met her hubby, but haven’t her kids. We have daughters the same age.
3. Seeing a Broadway show. I never have before. Haven’t gone to many plays lately and this one’s ON BROADWAY!
4. Seeing the Statue of Liberty. The lovely lady who has greeted tons of those new to the land.
5. Seeing the big buildings again. Being surrounded by the high rises is such a surreal feeling.
6. Walking through Times Square. Yeah, we did it last fall. But it’s still cool. Hmmm, who will I meet this time? LOL I know, I know, don't meet their eyes.
7. Seeing Ground Zero. Not so much looking forward to it, but there's a need to see it. So much changed on that fateful day. I’m probably going to cry.
8. Hanging out with my sister. We don’t get to hang out often. Hee hee I can point out she's the oldest.
9. Ditto the Mother in law on hanging out together.
10. Watching the girl’s reactions to things. They love downtown in the city we live. This is going to freak ‘em.
11. The Bronx zoo. We may not make it there. But I’ve looked online and it looks so COOL. They have tigers, seals, and Aftrican dogs! And a petting zoo.
12. Riding the ferry. Yeah, I’m odd. I think riding the ferry is pretty darn neat to get there.
13. Getting a New York style pizza and a hotdog from a vendor by Central Park. Yeah, I'm easily amused *G*

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