Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What I did in New York

I posted about going to see Mari of Marissa Alwin and going to New York City. Here's what we did.

1. Seeing Mari of Marissa Alwin! I can’t wait to pal around with her. Slumber party hooooo! We had so much fun! I didn’t want to leave Mari. I swear it’s like I’ve known her all my life.

2. Seeing her family. I’ve met her hubby, but haven’t her kids. We have daughters the same age. I kid you not, her family is just as easy going as she is. Within five seconds of getting there, my girls disappeared with her youngest, and we didn’t see them for an hour. I enjoyed talking to her teenagers and of course her hubby.

3. Seeing a Broadway show. I never have before. Haven’t gone to many plays lately and this one’s ON BROADWAY! Ha ha! Went to see Mary Poppins. The sets were incredible. The music was wonderful.

4. Seeing the Statue of Liberty. The lovely lady who has greeted tons of those new to the land. It’s so cool to walk around this big Liberty Lady. I took umpteen pictures of her LOL.

5. Seeing the big buildings again. Being surrounded by the high rises is such a surreal feeling. I love when the sun is still up, you can see it if you look high up but it’s like it’s cloudy on the street.

6. Walking through Times Square. Yeah, we did it last fall. But it’s still cool. Hmmm, who will I meet this time? LOL I know, I know, don't meet their eyes. We did walk through Times Square. The kids loved all the screens. Didn’t meet anyone though LOL.

7. Seeing Ground Zero. Not so much looking forward to it, but there's a need to see it. So much changed on that fateful day. I’m probably going to cry. I didn’t cry. It is amazing that two huge buildings once stood there. The list of names is overwhelming.

8. Hanging out with my sister. We don’t get to hang out often. Hee hee I can point out she's the oldest. Did that. Hee including pointing out she was the oldest.

9. Ditto the Mother in law on hanging out together. LOL she had to be the first one to say, “Are we there yet.”

10. Watching the girl’s reactions to things. They love downtown in the city we live. This is going to freak ‘em.
They saw the New York skyline and went “Wow.”

11. The Bronx zoo. We may not make it there. But I’ve looked online and it looks so COOL. They have tigers, seals, and Aftrican dogs! And a petting zoo. Maybe next time. We just had so many other things we wanted to do. And it would have been a lot of time to get there.

12. Riding the ferry. Yeah, I’m odd. I think riding the ferry is pretty darn neat to get there. The girls almost liked that the best of the trip LOL. It was neat to go swooshing over the waves of the Hudson.

13. Getting a New York style pizza and a hotdog from a vendor by Central Park. Yeah, I'm easily amused *G* We did the pizza but didn’t make it to Central Park. I did get a hotdog though from Nathan’s. Twice. It was so yummy.

We went through the financial district to get to the Statue of Liberty and walked down to Southstreet Seaport. It’s so different than midtown with Times Square and Manhattan. We walked along the Hudson to lots of gardens and not a lot of people. They had fountains that people could play in. The girls loved that.

Southstreet Seaport had a lot more people. Was a malltype thing with lots of shops and restaurants. No luck on yellow Crocs to fit my daughter.

Went to the huge Toys R Us. OMG. It’s overwhelming. I never knew there were so many toys.

Also went to Rockefeller Plaza.

It was such a fun trip. And we’ve all said, we need to go back! LOL so warning you Mari, one day we will come back.

May the muse have fun trips.


Blogger Melissa Lopez said...

I'm so glad you all had a great time!!! :) I'm so looking forward to October!

7:24 PM  
Blogger raine said...

You make it all sound like such fun!
I've never been--but I'd kill for a taste of that pizza...

3:51 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Mechele!!!! you are always welcome here! I had so much fun with you and your family is wonderful.

There is so much more to do! No one realizes just how big NYC really is. Not so much the seeing things that takes time but the getting from here to there. We covered downtown and midtown this time, next time its uptown and the Zoos.

do you realize how long it took a geographically challenged person like me to figure that out?

HUGS to everyone!

4:30 PM  
Blogger FD said...

Sounds like a successful trip! And it's always good to leave something for the next time. ;)

5:00 AM  

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