Monday, September 17, 2007

Career suicide

I've seen so many authors lately do things, that while they may not kill a career, they certainly are not going to help it. It just amazes me. Authors dissing readers, publishers, genres, etc.

Everytime I post anywhere, I think...would I mind everyone seeing that? Because the internet isn't a private spot. When I post to loops, most of the time there are a couple hundred other people seeing what I post. When I write here in my blog, it's not a private diary, I can lock away the key and put under my matress. And things posted on the 'net stay in Google forever. I vent to friends that I trust aren't going to share my emails with several friends. I vent to my husband in person and when he's not around, I vent to the dog and cat. They aren't going to tell anyone.

I think I may have to amend my advice to new authors and add, "Don't kill your career by posthing something you don't want your hundred new best friends to see."

May the muses have private conversations


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