Friday, September 28, 2007

I forgot I wasn't reading romance


Two weeks I've been reading this book. Over 300 pages. And the blankety blank hero gets killed off.

No, this isn't Dreamcatcher by Stephen King. That actually had a very satisfying ending. The beginning was slow (and gross) but the middle and end picked up very well. I'm actually curious about the movie. It was time worth reading.

Not with a Tess Gerritsen book either. I read the Mephisto Club in one day. Her writing with Rizzoli and Maura is addictive. I need to go find her other books now that I've read all of those that are out. And find out when the next Rizzoli/Maura one comes out *sigh*. I swear she ever does this to Gabriel and I will pitch that book.

This other book, which will not be named, is by an author not normally known for romance, which I should have kept in mind (though they have done stuff with RT). This suspense book has a pretty good romance. Up until the hero DIES. The main heroine is very engrossing as are the supporting characters. And I know from the excerpt in the back, there are more planned of these characters.

Not for me.

The only reason the book didn't get pitched was because I was at the doctor's office. I'm still ticked (if you couldn't tell). Not only did the hero get killed off about 10 pages before the end, but the end is, to me, very unsatisfactory besides that. It doesn't track with what we've been given beforehand.

ARGGGGH! It was so good up until the very end.

May the muses have happpy frigging endings

PS Tigress Euphrates:


Blogger Jenna Leigh said...

I will never kill my hero.. well not for good anyway. What soap was it that had James Steinbeck? He was a villain but he died like 20 times! LOL!

Sure, I'd kill the hero. Then have the heroine put on a designer asbestos suit and break down the gates of hell and drag him out of the lake of fire so they can go home and soak in the tub.

Make the reader cry like a baby.. then give em a pacifier. In other words, deny me (I'm a reader!) my happy happy joy joy and I'll never buy another book by that author again.

Especially 10 pages from the end where I've read all about the hero/heroine and got all up into it. Oooh Cookie Galore, that's stalk worthy crap right there, I don't care who ya are.

4:04 AM  

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