Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Scary Things in Honor of Halloween by Mechele

1. The boogeman story in Stephen King's Night shift. I read it as a teen, and I still don't want to shut the closet doors. Cause the boogeyman might be in there. King will be a frequent listee on this list.

2. Weeping Angels or Blink episode of Dr. Who. This is the freakiest show EVER. It is so intense. "Don't blink," said in a haunting whisper.

3. It by King. I never looked at clowns the same way. It had so many killings that are spooky. Like the refridgerator scene.

4. The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen. A friend lent this book to me by saying when he read it, he had to get up and go check his closets before he could sleep after starting it. The rest of the books by Gerritsen are good, probably not quite as scary as this one. I think the most frightening thing is that there are no monsters in her books. Only humans.

5. Scream. The first time I saw it in the theater, I jumped out of my chair. LOL the hubby thought it was cute. I've watched it late at night, heard noises and had to run to bed.

6. Alien. *shudder* I still cannot watch this movie. It's so suspenseful and frightening. *shudder*

7. Pitch Black. I love this movie (even with the non-HEA), but those things on that planet are scary as can be. When they first start coming out, it makes my skin crawl.

8. Children of the Corn from Nightshift by Stephen King. The idea of something in the corn gives me the willies.

9. The beast by Peter Benchley and anything dealing with Giant Squid. For some reason, the idea of them terrifies me. I used to have nightmares about giant squid attacking a bridge while I was on it.

10. The Raft by Stephen King in Skeleton Crew. This time there's something in the water. It's a creepy story. It can come up through holes in the raft. And it never tires. I had a lot of nightmares about this story.

11. A Hobbit movie. It's a cartoon. I watched it as a kid with my brother. Spiders wrap them up in webbing to eat them later. I hate big man eating spiders *blinks*

12. The Mist by Stephen King in Skeleton Crew. There's a scene with huge freaking spiders. And an squid like thing. Enough said.

13. I have no idea the name of the book but it had scary stories. I read it as a pre-teen. There was one about a boy(girl?) locked in a room and the Druids were coming for them. It ends in the middle of a sentence. Funny, I don't remember the name or anything else but the main idea of the story has stayed with me since I read it.

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Blogger Kelly McCrady said...

After watching "It" for the first time I couldn't look at sewer grates the same way again. Couldn't step on them...walk near them *shudders*. Then to find out it was a big spider...sheesh. Doesn't have the same squeemish factor in me that it does in you, I'm afraid.

The Relic was a really good creep-out book too.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Cora Zane said...

Kelly beat me to the punch. ;) Stephen King's It... not the spider - pfft. I'd hit him with my shoe. But Pennywise the clown? FREAK.ME.OUT.

"It's going down the drain..." *_*

Another really disturbing book is The Exorcist. Holy cow that's a freaky book. Especially if you have kids.

Great TT!

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So many of Stephen Kings older books scare me!

Great list!

8:16 PM  
Blogger Portia Da Costa said...

Oh yes, Pennywise! Awesomely and creepily scary... I've got him as my Halloween avatar at Romance Divas and everyone is scared to death of him!

Re. your post at Sven's gym... I'm not a super fast writer either. Some of the mega totals people are clocking up really intimidate me. But I'm happy if I can keep up to my own more modest personal goals. That's what works for me. :)

12:12 PM  

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