Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Songs you don't want to be riding in a car with me when they come on by Mechele

1. Pour Some Sugar on me by Def Leppard. Was there really any doubt this would be on the list? This one involves dancing, too *G*.

2. I can’t hold back by Survivor

3. Faithfully by Journey

4. Angel by Aerosmoth

5. Missing you by John Waite or John Waite and Allison Kraus

6. Broken by Seether, featuring Amy Lee

7. O’Holy Night by various arists

8. The Heart of Rock & Roll by Huey Lewis and the News

9. Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams

10. John Deere Green by Joe Diffie

11. Snoopy Christmas by the Royal Guardsman (I actually have the whole tape and it’s a whole little story with three or four other songs dealing with Snoopy and the Red Baron)

12. Red High Heels by Kellie Pickler

13. Heart and Soul by T’Pau.

There are more but these are thirteen songs I always sing along to.

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Blogger Unknown said...

I can still see your tiny feet moving rapidly across Bourbon Street as the notes to Pour Some Sugar On Me came thumping out of Famous Door bar. you looked like you were walking on air


6:32 PM  

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