Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Things by Mechele

1. I hate ear infections. (My youngest) Why do they only strike at night?

2. I finished Shallow Grave. *sigh* I love Julie Collins. Lori Armstrong is one heckuva of a writer.

3. I read Dexter in the Dark by Jeff Lindsay. I wasn't as enthralled by this one as the first two. I'll probably read the next one if there is one but I didn't like the whole paranormal twist.

4. Dexter finished up on Showtime. Awesome awesome finale. A character got killed that I will MISS but it was so well done.

5. I'm making New Years' Resolutions. I know I want to submit more to agents and step outside my comfort zone more often this year. I already have the next agent to submit to picked out. Now I have to write something appropriate for them *G*. I have a new publisher I want to submit to this year. Here's to more new releases and writing outside the box in 2008!

6. I have Broken by Megan Hart under my Christmas tree. I can't wait to start it.

7. I had so much fun with family over the holidays. I love spending time with them.

8. Another resolution is going to be to take care of me more often. Though I need to plant my butt in the chair to write, I also have decided I need more rewards when I write on time. I tend to promise myself things (i.e. like a massage, IMing with friends, or a manicure) and then not follow through. I'm starting not to believe myself. This year, the promised rewards will be kept.

9. Another resolution is more decluttering. Still a lot of things around the house that need to be gone through. I also really am trying to declutter my life as well. Bad vibes need to be pared off.

10. People are starting to see Snoopy and thinking of me! How neat is that? LOL I'll take that any day.

11. Clue is a really involved game.

12. 70 Days of Sweat is almost over. I need to write write a lot the next few days. I'm still working on the new Settler's Mine and have to do revisions (i.e. adding) to the Spring Curses story.

13. I'm way way behind on email. And I think they are breeding like bunnies...

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