Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that can happen while I'm on a walk by Mechele

1. Someone locks the door. This makes me have to knock because when I left the door was unlocked so I took no keys.

2. The oldest is upstairs playing by herself, a miracle.

3. The oldest comes downstairs after I leave to see the hubby playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox. Apparently, she can't play "that level" and whines about it.

4. Hubby, with teeth gritted, agrees to play another level, meaning he abandons collecting some minikits they need to complete the game.

5. The youngest is working on her school project when I leave. They have to decorate a snow bear. Apparently that involved candy, which was running about 50/50 to going on the bear as to in her mouth.

6. Youngest realizes oldest and hubby are playing. She abandons bear.

7. Hubby gets kicked off Xbox as only two can play.

8. Dog sees kids playing. She can't walk an inch without looking back to make sure they aren't following her. As they have no interest in her, not a problem.

9. She proceeds to drag me for next fifty yards just in case the children decide late to come after her. Thankfully we encounter no evil trashcans so she eventually picks a gait where my hand doesn't get torn off.

10. The children apparently start to fight about where they are going in the game, who's going to be who, and everything else. They both reach high pitch decibels. Hubby worries about breaking glass. Earlier in the day, if one said day, the other said night.

11. It almost escalates to blows until the hubby threatens to kick them off the Xbox. He relents and they start to work together, dashing his hopes of playing again.

12. I knock twice and the hubby decides to let me in from the cold and recreates the decibel level the girls reach and tells me about the 20 minutes I was gone.

13. Diva kitty has laid in wait for the dog while we were gone and jumps out to smack. She's now bathing, looking quite pleased.

Hard to believe I was only gone 20 minutes.

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