Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The little writer who could

Today at 70 days of Sweat, Diana Peterfreund blogged about bravery, quoting from Jim Van Pelt's New Year's Writer's Resolutions.

Both articles are just wonderful.

Resolution Number 4: Be brave. Take risks on the page. These can be risks with language, risks with plot, risks with theme. No matter what, don't write stuff that feels "safe" because I want to avoid criticism or because I've been praised for telling that kind of story before. Remember Neil Young. He's never done the same album twice.

Which was just the kick in the pants I needed today.

I will be brave. I will take more risks in my writing.

*G* I'm saying it like I mean it because I do.

A previous story I took a big risk with, Blood Lines Prequel: Currents is featured on Behind the story on Mandy Roth's blog today. Thanks to Mandy for having me.

EPIC recently had EPICON and awarded their New Voices Awards. Someone passed around a link to a TV station's featuring of several entrants. These kids took risks with their writing, then even took even more by entering. They were brave. The feature is awesome. Click on watch video.

May the muses be brave


Blogger Jim Van Pelt said...

Hi, Mechelle. I was thinking about my resolutions just today while writing an article. I'm glad it helped.

2:01 AM  
Blogger raine said...

Absolutely agree.
Be brave.
But also be prepared to have that bravery challenged. It may well be.

2:23 AM  

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