Friday, March 07, 2008

Odds and Ends

Reading Megan Hart's Broken can get you in trouble in the car rider's loop when picking kidlets up from school. Three days now I've been so entrenched in reading that the car in front of me has moved, and I didn't notice.

Has anyone watched the trailer for Iron Man? Wow. The hubby showed it to me a while ago. I like Robert Downy, Jr and it looks like he's done an awesome job. I think the hubster and I might have to find a sitter!

I wouldn't mind seeing 10000BC but not sure if we will make it. LOL and if I have to choose, I think I'd rather see Iron Man.

Two blog appearances for me. The lovely Sheila Goss did an interview with me. You can read that here. And the wonderful Tracey Kitts featured me on her blog. You can read that here.

I recently read Sarah Reinke's Dark Thirst. I rather enjoyed it. The hero, Brandon, is just an awesome character. He has a lot of challenges and he comes through each one wonderfully. I jotted her a note letting her know much I'd enjoyed it (as my real self, no author ego, just a squeeing fan). I got the nicest note back! I'm really looking forward to the sequel that releases in September, Dark Hunger.

Seek and you shall find is....DONE! Whoo hooo. I left a little growing room for edits. I know the last section is probably still a bit jagged so will have to tweak it. But the story is done!

May the muses have challenges


Blogger Portia Da Costa said...

Just saw your post at Sven! You're doing so well... I wish I was managing to stay as focused and on target!



10:53 AM  
Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

Awww thank Portia! I think having to check in keeps me focused. I do well with that.

11:42 AM  

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