Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I’m looking forward to by Mechele

1. RT! I get to see Mel, Mari, Sapphire, and so many others
2. The Spring Carnival at my kid’s school
3. My field trip today with the third grade.
4. My niece’s birthday party on Sunday. She’ll be three and is a delight. She has PKU but luckily they caught it early enough. Her diet must be monitored religiously.
5. Getting my hair cut. My bangs are too long. I want to get highlights put in, too.
6. Getting my nails done for RT. I want a French manicure
7. My husband’s brother’s wedding. Should be a fun affair.
8. Getting home from RT and seeing my family and critters. They will have missed me. *G* it will buy me an hour of loving.
9. Going to see Iron Man. I want to see it in the theaters.
10. Going to see Prince Caspian
11. Field Day. I just like it *G*
12. In some ways, summer. Though the kids will ultimately drive me nuts.
13. Submitting quite a few stories

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