Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogging over at Loose Ends and RT, the saga begins

I'm blogging at Loose Ends today on my book fetish. Chime in and let me know how much you love books and how you decide what goes and what stays.

In lieu of a Thursday Thirteen, I'm going to begin my RT experience. I will finish it up over the weekend.

I was going to do a Thursday Thirteen for RT. But I found that I have much more than 26 things to say *blinks* (combined for Melany and Mechele). So here we go.

On Sunday, I found out I finaled in the Passionate Plume. Much rejoicing ensued but I was too busy to post about it as I tried to finish up Bitter Love and succeeded. I ran around like the chicken on Monday, trying to get everything accomplished that I needed to before I had to leave. The hubby laughed at me packing because I had so many outfits. I was dressing up this year and one day, I had three different things to wear.


We left early but not too early as we wanted to avoid the rush of DC. Pam Kinney aka Sapphire Phelan, roomie and friend, rode with me. The drive was beautiful, in the mountains. We actually went under a mountain in a tunnel. My ears constantly popped and stuffed. Trip was uneventful until we came to the last turn and got lost. The street wasn’t labeled! Called the hotel, who told us the name of a bridge to come over the river to downtown. The bridge names aren’t labeled either *sigh*. But we saw the Hilton and followed it on over. There was a lot of construction in the streets around the hotel. Actually the roads on the way up did, too. Sort of a forerunner to the hotel, which was being worked on.

Met up with Melissa, my writing and critique partner, good friend, and roomie. The hall our room was on was being constructed upon.

I caught up with Adele Dubois and picked up a gorgeous pair of fairy wings for the Fairy Ball. Was nice to hang with her for a few minutes. Wish I’d found more time to spend chatting with her.

Caught a shuttle and went to dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse. I had been craving Italian so was YUMMMMY.

Went to the EC virgin party and got to meet a couple of people, Eve Vaughn, Ciana Stone, and Katherine Kingston, along with a few others.

Should have gone to bed earlier LOL. That will be my mantra!


Got up to go register for RT. Found out where to check in my books (Dinah’s Dark Desire) for consignment for the ebook fair. Set up our promo on promotion lane. Everyone seemed to enjoy my post-it’s, so they went quickly. Ended up running into Scott Carpenter (SL Carpenter), and Melissa of course told him I was big fan. LOL because I’d seen him earlier and hadn’t. I wound up getting a hug from him *G* and a pen. It’s so neat to meet authors, who you really do love their work.

Met up with Sam Cheever, who was a friend of Melissa’s. I’ve now found a bud, too *G*.

We saw Megan Hart and Lauren Dane and got hugs and stalks!

Went to a vampire panel, which was fascinating. Mari of Marissa Alwin called, she had arrived. I left to go check in my books.

Went to the pub with Melissa, Mari, and Sam at the hotel to try for lunch. They had two people working, not enough seating, and a long wait for food. Took us an hour and a half to get sandwiches.

Went to Loose Id’s spotlight and LOL Flash aka Stephanie Burke was helping Treva with the giveaway. Found out the winner of March Madness, Celia Kyle, congrats!

Arrived early at the ebook expo to check in my print copies and get set up. I had such a ball at the ebook expo! Granted, I was signing ebooks that I didn’t get the code for people to buy until almost the end, but I sold quite a few copies of Dinah’s Dark Desire. And met a lot of people, who stopped by to chat, and gave away promo. I talked to people on both sides of me. Cris Anson and Morgan Ashbury. Mari of Marissa Alwin was seated not too far away and visited often. Liz Andrews was two seats down so talked to her, too. She’s so nice. I wish we’d gotten a chance to hang out more.

Went to the Loose Id reception and met Terri Pray, who has the most awesome accent. Saw Nia Foxx, Treva Harte, and Barbara Sheridan. Sat around and talked a while before the next party.

Which was the Elloras Cave Fantasy party. I hadn’t known If I was going to make it in time to walk across the stage and be introduced but I did. They introduced each author. LOL of course we were confusing as we had Melissa as herself and as half of Marissa and Melany. I enjoyed the chocolate fountain *G*. I know some things happened there but I didn’t see them. I’m oblivious. I think I was starting to get nervous about the next day at this point, too.

Coming soon…the rest of the story.



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Mechele - the conference sounds like so much fun. I'm envious. :)

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Blogger Shelley Munro said...

Ooh, and congrats on the PI finals!!

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