Tuesday, April 29, 2008

RT-The saga ends...for now

Forgot one thing from Friday (maybe Thurs? I can’t remember). We went over to the pharmacy to buy candy and pens for the signing. I hadn’t brought any silver Sharpies with me. *G* I found some. Came back and sat a while with JC Wilder and Carolan Ivey and JC Wilder. *frowns* someone else was there, too, but for the life of me…I can’t remember who. Maybe one of the roomies or buds will supply the name. Saw Shiloh Walker from afar.

Now onto Sat:

Got up early as usual and went down to eat breakfast at the buffet. Had to use our coupons! I went down the ballroom level so could check in books I brought with me to be signed. Robin Schone hadn’t been there yet due to an illness in the family but I brought her book just in case. She was still MIA. I hope everything is okay with her. L

Came down very early to set up shop and also run around like a crazy person to buy any books I wanted to be signed. Only…RT couldn’t find Melany’s books! The guy from RT, who I didn’t get his name, and Jeania from Ellora’s Cave were so helpful. They kept checking in with me and offering suggestions. We finally located them about five minutes before showtime. Eek! I’d already set up my spot and found Megan Hart to sign Tempted. But due to that, I hadn’t gotten a couple of books I brought signed and didn’t buy a couple I would have. I completely missed the chance to buy Grimspace and get Ann Aguirre to sign it, because by the time I got a chance, she’d sold out. Good for her but sighy for me. I did mange to snag copies of a Lauren Dane and Liz Andrews book and have them sign them for me.

They opened the doors and in came the people. I had so so so much fun. I talked to readers and other authors. I handed out promo. It was really a neat time. Lyn Armstrong was on one side of me and I love her accent. Kelley Armstrong was two seats down *G*. Mari came over and had seen the June copy of RT. I asked what did I get and when she told me, I did a whoop. 4 stars *G* for The Sixth Curse of Spring. Aline de Chevigny was quite amused.

Just as the book fair was ending, the lights went out! LOL I look around and everyone had their cell phones out. The lights came back on within 15 minutes. We checked out and went back up to the room to collapse. Cathy Maxwell, who I’d run into several times, was behind me in the check out line.

We went to the Military Mixer, where I took a few pictures of Fabio for Melissa. After that, went to Joe’s Crab Shack to eat. Oh yummmmmy. They had coconut shrimp, which I’d been craving. On the way back to the hotel, Melissa and I sat on the backseat of the shuttle. Every time we hit a bump, I hit my head *sigh*. Needless to say Melissa and I got the giggles again LOL.

We went to the Dorchester party. The Impalers did some playing again, which was nice. LOL Mari’s husband went to get a drink and Melissa asked him for some water. He brought it back and she sipped it. Leaned over to me and said, “I don’t think this is water. Taste it.” I took a small sip and cracked up. It was seltzer or tonic water. LOL uggggh.

We wound up going up to bed fairly early because Melissa had an early plane out. Pam and I wanted to be on the road soon thereafter, too.

Sunday we got up, Melissa vamoosed very early and Pam and set about on the trip home. It rained the whole way from Pittsburgh, pouring once we hit Virginia. But we made it without incident…or getting lost.

My house wasn’t as big a wreck as I’d feared. Kudos to my hubby for that. The kids had made me a sign to welcome me home.

People I wish I could have spent more time with
Megan Hart
Lauren Dane
Adele Dubois
Ann Auguire
Angie, nice Mommy—evil Editor

People I wish I could have met
Adrianna Dane
L.A Banks (she was such a great speaker and I enjoyed reading her first sale story at Dear Author)
Marianne LaCroix, somehow I kept missing her!
Anya Bast
Sasha White
Sarah from Smart Bitches
Morgan Hawke
Vivi Anna
Laura Bradford
Shiloh Walker

Definitely more for both lists but that will do.

So that’s the trip to RT in a nutshell. I’m already looking forward to Orlando!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mechele, Wish I could have spent more time at RT with you, too! It was so nice to meet you.

--Best Adele Dubois

4:56 PM  

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