Friday, April 04, 2008

Who knew a review could make me so happy?

I've been waiting to announce this but Veterans: Nothing to Lose was selected by Joyfully Reviewed as a Joyfully Recommended book for April.

Ley said, "Nothing to Lose is a fantastic story. I started this story and avoided interruptions until I finished it. Niki and Bryan had a void in their life and they knew Richard was the one to fill it. Richard carried around so much hurt inside stemming from his life overseas fighting the war, the killing and saving of lives and also from his person life. He blamed himself for things he had no control over and he locked himself up emotionally to deal and struggle with his feelings on his own. Even though Niki and Bryan knew Richard needed to be with them Richard required some convincing. The interactions between these three were passionate and caring, it never felt like ‘just sex’. This is such a great story of loving, caring and understanding. I Joyfully Recommend Nothing to Lose."

I posted the whole review part of the review because...I read this the beginning of the week and teared up. I love these words! I love it when a reviewer or a reader totally "got" what I wrote.

"It never felt like 'just sex'." That's probably one of the best compliments I've ever received. I also know that Joyfully Reviewed is very selective on the Joyfully Recommended designation. So it means tons to me.

Not only that but Bold Bride by Melany Logen (my cowritten author ego) received a great review from JR as well. Talia said, "I loved every word of Bold Bride. I found the storyline intriguing and the love scenes sensuous enough to melt even the most frozen of hearts. Miguel is my type of hero – quiet, unassuming, but deadly when the need calls for it. His love and adoration of Abby was quite amazing, given the fact that marrying a Caucasian might have led to his death in the not so modern historical west. Abby’s fortitude to make Miguel as happy as possible during the course of their marriage was bold indeed - even I blushed. All in all, Bold Bride is a mighty fine historical romance – one that I will reread over and over."

I'm walking on air!

May the muses have good days to offset the bad


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