Monday, April 07, 2008


It's only been three days since I posted. LOL it feels like a lifetime ago.

Let's recap. Had an RT crisis that got resolved quickly. Thought the oldest had broken her finger, but after xrays, it's just bruised and badly cut. Had the spring carnival at school. Went to the niece's birthday party and had a blast with the hubby's family. Got some cover flats made for a couple of books. The youngest was sick last night and spent today with me.

Yes, realizing the youngest was reading over MY shoulder stopped my work today LOL. I'm trying to play catch up.

Bitter Love stats:

I want to finish it before I leave for RT.

Spent today thinking about how to revise Seek and You Shall Find. I have a scene I love, but really think it needs to be cut. that will give me more room to play in the story. I needed to write it and it's a pretty scene *G* but the more I play with possibilities, I think it needs to fall away. I hope to get that revised before RT as well.

May the muses have pretty scenes


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