Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Divas, Bitter Love, and 4.5 Ribbons

The Romance Studio is having their first TRS Studio Diva Contest. Go read the entries and vote!

The first review is in for Settler's Mine 3: The Woman and it's a good one! Yipeee. 4.5 ribbons from Romance Junkies. Natasha said, "Mechele Armstrong wrote this intricate relationship in such a way as to be realistic and compelling. Add in a deceitful stepbrother as a villain hell bent on Kiann’s destruction and readers will utterly enjoy this novel." Hee. I'm tickled.

I'm over half way through tweaking Bitter Love. LOL I can't believe how much of a smart aleck Amaretto is. It's grown over 1000 words to 30500. And I know there is one scene I want to write.

Next up is finishing the proposal on Dark Raiders.

I'd like to get both in this week. Hence this short post :)

May the muses have their work cut out for them


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