Monday, May 26, 2008

Iron Man and Round 3 voting open in TRS Diva

I got to see Iron Man last night! I had been thrilled by the previews and the movie didn't disappoint. Robert Downey, Jr. did an excellent job as Tony Stark. The chemistry between Stake and Pepper was palpable. I'm eagerly awaiting Iron Man 2.

Round 3 voting is now open in the TRS Diva Contest.

May the muses have tortured heroes


Blogger raine said...

Thanks for the thumbs-up on Iron Man. I'd been thinking about seeing it, but hadn't made up my mind. ;)
Glad to see Downey with a hit.

12:58 AM  
Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

Raine, I was impressed. Some movies all the best parts seem to be in the previews. I didn't think that with Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr, to me, brought something to the role because he's troubled (look at his well known drug issues) and so is Tony Stark.

Stark and Pepper don't even really kiss but you could feel the sexual tension. LOL yes, I wanted some of it consumated but I liked it being so strong.

11:36 AM  

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