Friday, May 16, 2008


It's been a busy week and I think I'll be saying that for a long while. The kids get out of school in a month.

The proposal is off to an editor. Now I bite nails and work frantically to finish Dark Raiders. I'm doing something I've never ever done before on Dark Raiders. I'm writing backwards. *blinks*

Yes, see, I cut some things from this one scene after deciding this information should be revealed later. The revelation scene played out in my mind. I went ahead and fleshed it out. The scene before the revelation scene started speaking. So, I wrote that scene. Then, the scene before that came clear in my mind so I started working on that.

I may end up writing the first part of this book backward. Long as it works, fine with me. And as I couldn't sleep last night, thinking about how this whole book will play out...I think it's working so far. I'm so eager to get to certain parts of this book. And get it finished. Ryder, Kolos, and Java won't shut up!

70 Days of Sweat ends today. I really didn't think I would hit my goal for a while. But late last night, I made it. Over the course of the challenge, I wrote 70 K. Hurrah for Sven!

Yes, something is coming... Just wait until I can show you!

May the muses be backward


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