Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 harsh realities of being back from RT by Mechele

Thanks to the hubster for the idea of the TT subject.

1. Kid’s fighting. I don’t think I was home an hour and they were arguing.
2. Laundry. OMG I had Mount Everest.
3. Dog walking. She looked at me within minutes of being back with that, “Is it time for a walk yet” look.
4. Housework. The hubby said I could say he did dishes while I was gone but hadn’t touched them since I got home. LOL He’s actually still helping. But one day, you’re signing books and the next you’re sweeping floors. No justice, I tell you.
5. Kitty pooper scooping *sigh*.
6. The routine. I had all of one night to recover and than bam was thrust back into my routine.
7. Cooties. I think Melissa sent me cyber cooties. I have a head cold. Uggh and *achoooo*
8. Promotion. Had several guest blogs to pen, a newsletter to write, and stuff do as soon as I returned home.
9. Writing. Came home and started working on my proposal. *cough* I gutted what I had before and have now worked back up to three chapters. It’s scary…a branch out of wings, so I know I need to get busy on getting it ready.
10. Needless to say to write, the butt must plant firmly in the chair *sigh*. Did I mention this proposal is scary?
11. Birthday party planning. The oldest has her 9th birthday coming up. She wanted a sleepover party.
12. Contest judging. I’m judging in a contest and trying to get my entries done.
13. Did I mention the scary proposal? And finding a home for Seek and you Shall find? And tweaking Bitter Love to get it into the editor?

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