Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 things about me by Mechele

Jenna Leigh tagged me. It’s only supposed to be seven. Consider the extra six a bonus.

Tell seven random and/or interesting things about myself. Get five blog buddies to play, too and link to their blogs. Don’t forget to post the rules!

1. I sometimes get caught up in online drama. I don’t usually post but I read a lot. I’ve been following the whole RT saga with interest.
2. Before Diva Kitty, I hadn’t had a cat since I was in the single digits. She’s my first indoor feline. Boy, she’s taught me well…
3. I’ve been with my husband over half of my life. Yeah, he’s my romance hero.
4. I tease my hubby for being a geek/nerd a lot. Truth is, I’m probably as much a geek as he is.
5. I’m still reading Duma Key. I’m really enjoying it but I’ve been so busy, reading time has been cramped. It’s my car book that I read when I’m waiting in line to pick up the girls. Why yes, that’s why I go up there 10 minutes early *G*
6. I do think I’d faint if I met Stephen King. He’s well, the King of writers in my opinion.
7. My whole family now has the cold cooties I had last week.
8. Several nine year olds will be descending here this weekend for a sleepover wizard party. We’ll be decorating wizard robes and watching a Harry Potter movie. I think my oldest might vibrate she’s so excited.
9. We love it when the school gets in the eggs that soon become chicks. I think we went every day they had them last year. We’re going to see them today I hope.
10. The youngest wants to raise a chick. I don’t think Diva Kitty could be trusted. Not to mention, a chicken in the ‘Burbs?
11. I’m having a big debate where to go next in my career. Talking to anyone who’ll listen. Mostly the hubster *muah*. It’s not that I’m unhappy where I am in my career. Just think it’s time I see what else there could be.
12. I like Hannah Montana. Eeek. I admitted it. I find the show humorous and I like her voice. It’s strange when XM beeps and you click over to a Hannah Montana song even when the girls aren’t with you.
13. I’m mystery reader today for my oldest’s class. Heh heh she doesn’t know…

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