Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blogging at the Hussies and other updates

I blogged over at the Hussies blog on being men. Thanks so much to them for letting me take over!

It's really disconcerting when you look at the temperature for Wednesday and say, "Oh wow! It's only going to be 90!" Kind of sad really. Three weeks ago, 90 was hot. It's been over 90 for a week. We've hit 100 the last three days. Today is going to be close to 100 or right at it. Not to mention, it's been humid.

Voting has opened in the TRS Diva Contest for Round 4. Go vote for your favorite.

Writing has slowed down but I hope to get some done this week if it kills me. I'm almost done with the writing backwards LOL. So can move forward after one more scene.

May the muses have heroes


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