Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 things on my summer wish list by Mechele

1. Write. I have to finish Dark Raiders and start the next Settler’s Mine. I’m behind *sigh* due to the cold.

2. Go to the library at least biweekly. My oldest loves to read and is reading several serieses. I’m hoping in the next year, my youngest will make the leap to chapter books. She’s going to be reading to me and picking her own books.

3. Spend time with grandma. I’m hoping we see lots of her this summer.

4. Go to Busch Gardens several times. The kids love it, and it’s pretty much going to be our vacation this year.

5. Spend lots of time at the pool. Let’s see, gymnastics practice is 12:30 to 2:30 two days a week. Why yes, that’s the hottest part of the day. LOL I see pool visits on those two days and I’m thinking at least one more during the week. The youngest has also said, “You know I could practice in my bathing suit instead of a leo…”

6. Spend time with my sisters. I went to Tennessee with them and had a ball even in the short time we were there.

7. Go to the Richmond Zoo. We didn’t last summer  so I definitely want to try this summer. You can feed the giraffes!

8. Go to Maymont. We love walking around and looking at the animals.

9. Write. Did I mention this one already?

10. Find fireworks on the 4th. We did last year, which was fun.

11. Have picnics. We have a great park system. All the more reason to do picnics.

12. Survive the critter camp the girls are doing at the local SPCA without adopting a new pet LOL.

13. Eat lots of watermelon.

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